About TLC

My earliest memory is learning John 3:16 from my mom, shortly before my brother led me to Christ on a Saturday night while playing board games.

Despite an early introduction to Christianity, I wasted years coasting on the second-hand information I learned from others. In 2008, through the gentle encouragement of a friend, I read all the way through the Bible for the first time. That changed everything. It awakened a recognition of my need to have others walking closely alongside me in my pursuit of God -- people to hold me accountable for scripture memory and Bible reading and all the things that were bringing me so much newfound joy!

Out of that need, I started D-Group with a handful of strangers in a living room in 2009. What I've learned has motivated me to encourage others to pursue relational knowledge of God, because I've found that He's where the joy is! I love to speak to audiences about God and His Word, and I've written a few books with an aim to point others toward Him through my story as well as their own. I also write and host a daily podcast called The Bible Recap, which aims to keep people connected to reading the Bible when they're tempted to quit for lack of understanding.

Prior to D-Group and The Bible Recap, I spent my days traveling the globe as a speaker, musician, and worship leader., and I wrote a series of spiritual memoirs documenting God’s work in my life and heart.

I live in a concrete box in the skies of Dallas, TX, where I have no spouse, pets, or children -- or anything else that might die if I forget to feed it.